AASA School of the Future

The School of the Future strives to provide superintendents with a futuristic approach to all aspects of education:  Methodology & Curriculum and Technology.

The School of the Future encourages new, out-of-the-box ways of thinking that allow students to reach their full potential with the products provided and showcased during the AASA National Conference on Education. School of the Future sessions take place in the NCE Exhibit Hall.


Thursday, February 14

8 – 8:30am

Youth Student Survey
Non-Academic Measures Matter: Improving Engagement, Climate and SEL

Join Superintendent Kathleen Smith (Brockton, MA) and Superintendent Brian Shumate (Medford, OR) for a conversation about non-academic measures that matter, including engagement and connection.

8:30 – 9am

Measured Progress
Connecting What Matters: School Quality and Student Outcomes

How can you increase academic achievement? Pay more attention to school quality. Come learn how the AdvancED Continuous Improvement Network provides a comprehensive system with personalized professional services and a suite of research-based tools to improve teaching and learning.

11:30 – 12noon

investorspace XYZ
The Four Most Important Factors When Designing a High School Makerspace

What real-world skills do students need to learn? Join inventorspace XYZ’s experienced engineers and step through equipment, interior design and hands-on curriculum for the School of the Future.

12noon – 12:30pm

K12 Insight
Crisis Ready vs. Crisis Laden

The best school crisis is the one that never starts. Dr. David Blaiklock shares a solution — and why it might already exist in your schools.

2 – 2:30pm

Go365 Humana
Wellness is Contagious! Empowering Teachers as Community Role Models

It’s no secret that educators’ well-being may take a back seat to a myriad of other responsibilities. Learn how teachers can inspire a wellness revolution within their classrooms and beyond.

2:30 – 3pm

Ed Leadership SIMS
ELS Simulation — Engaging and Meaningful Leadership PD that Works

“The principal’s job (is) both the most important in a school building and the loneliest, and the stress it places on individuals is illustrated by its rapid turnover rates…” (EdWeek). Ed SIMS are an engaging way to build resilience, team and decision-making capacity to better prepare aspiring and sitting admins.

Friday, February 15

2 – 2:30pm

Milestone C
Shaping Future STEM Leaders

Declining innovative motivation is an enduring problem in corporate America. Milestone C closes the loop between industry professionals and educators to address the root cause.