Pre-Conference Workshops

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All Pre-Conference Workshops will take place on Wednesday, February 14, 1 – 5pm

Workshops will run from 1 – 5pm and cost $135 until January 16 at which point the price rises.

Pre-Conference 1

Using a Profile of a Graduate to Become a 21st Century District

The most transformative districts in the country embrace a common vision for 21st-century education. Many districts have developed this vision by agreeing to a profile of a graduate (PoG). This tool becomes the “North Star” for the transformative efforts in their district. Leadership teams work collectively to build their vision into every aspect of the strategic plan.

In this interactive and engaging workshop, superintendents and their teams will come together to develop (1) a profile of a graduate for their district; (2) a community engagement strategy for their newly created profile of a graduate; and (3) a vision roadmap for implementation, including key shifts in curriculum and instruction, professional development, and assessment. Participants will leave with tactical tools, such as a free creativity rubric and a free implementation guide, that will help bring to life their 21st-century vision for students.

Ken Kay, CEO, EdLeader21, Tucson, AZ
Valerie Greenhill, President, EdLeader 21, Tucson, AZ
Karen Garza, President and CEO, Battelle for Kids, Columbus, OH
Karen Cheser, Superintendent, Fort Thomas Independent Schools, Fort Thomas, KY

Pre-Conference 2

The Superintendent’s Overview of Human Capital

The Urban Schools Human Capital Academy has been working closely with over 30 urban school districts’ human resource (HR) offices since 2011. Human capital (HC) reform and best practices must be embedded in the work of HR, but superintendents often need a comprehensive view of HC to know whether the HR functions in their district are contributing to the quality of the workforce. Once superintendents — urban, suburban and rural — have a way to assess the quality of their HR/HC functionality, they can determine whether initiatives are needed to improve the work of those who handle HR functions, ultimately leading to improved teacher and principal quality.

This session will include the following segments:

  • The Context of Human Capital Management in Education
  • Key Indicators to Assess the Functionality of Human Resources (with or without a large, central HR office)
  • Research That Drives Best Practices in Human Capital Management
  • Comprehensive Human Capital Management — Teacher and Principal Quality
  • Barriers to Best Practices/Principals’ Pain Points
  • Providing Human Capital Support to Key Customers
  • Differentiating Human Capital Support to Schools

Elizabeth Arons, Chief Executive Officer, USHCA
Craig Chin, Human Capital

Pre-Conference 3

Leadership Lessons for Our Times: A Primer for Superintendents & School Leaders

Leadership is the essence of the role of all superintendents and education leaders. This interactive, collaborative workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn from the presenters, as well as from each other, through engaging group activities and conversations.

Current research on leadership competencies, diversity, culture and innovation are explored. Digital tools for collaboration will be utilized during the workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops, tablets or smartphones. Strategies and resources for leading digital transformations in teaching and learning will be shared.

Key leadership competencies — as described in Real Women, Real Leaders by Kathy Hurley and Priscilla Shumway — will be reviewed. Workshop participants complete their own leadership self-assessment and create a personal plan of action which incorporates the leadership competencies and strategies covered during the session. The workshop concludes with a review and analysis of the five essential leadership principles covered in Life Lessons in Leadership: The Way of the Wallaby by Ann McMullan and Michael Barrett.

Complimentary copies of both books are provided to all workshop participants.

Keith Krueger, CEO of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) will share resources and tools from the CoSN Empowered Superintendents Toolkit, released in partnership with AASA, to assist school leaders with the multiple aspects of digital transformation.

Kathy Hurley, Co-Founder and CEO, Girls Thinking Global
Keith Krueger, CEO of Consortium for School Networking
Ann McMullan, Founder & Lead Consultant, Ann McMullan Education Consultant

Additional Workshop Details Coming Soon.