Professional Development Series

Choose from more than 100 professional development sessions over the course of 2 1/2 days.

Key topics and learning areas include:

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Growing Imagination & Creativity through Assessment & Neuroscience
  • A Global School Design for 21st-Century Success: A Framework for Building Capacity to Provide a Deeper Learning Experience for All Students
  • Starting off Strong: The Importance of Early Learning
  • Advice to New Superintendents: Creating a 21st-Century District
  • Creating a Maker Mindset: A Journey into Maker Spaces
  • Superintendent Perspectives on Virtual Reality Learning Environments
  • Using International Curricula to Close the Achievement Gap: Miami-Dade, Pinellas
  • How Early Is Too Early?
  • #FutureReady: 10 Proven Strategies for Creating a College-Going Culture
  • Spending Money Wisely, Freeing Up Funds for Strategic Priorities
  • Educators Rising: How to Grow Your Own Strong Teaching Workforce
  • Envisioning the Future with STEM
  • Alabama Rising: A Superintendents Initiative to Increase Graduation Rates
  • Knowing the Signs to Prevent School Violence
  • Promise Indiana: Community-Driven, State-Supported College & Career Readiness Model

Digitizing Education

  • Moving from Privacy to Trust
  • What’s Next in Social Media for Superintendents?
  • Blended Learning from Scratch — Successful Implementation from the Beginning
  • Creating a Vision: Transforming Learning through Digital Conversion

Leadership for Equity

  • Monkey Business for Leaders at All Levels
  • Leveraging the Power of Distributed Leadership to Transform Schools
  • CSI — Monitoring School District Performance
  • Miracle in the Middle: Leading the Way in Closing Gaps
  • The Discipline Dilemma
  • Navigating the Legal Complexities That Impact School Communications
  • How Innovative Superintendents Use Mobile Technology to Increase Bilingual Literacy
  • Transformational Leadership Framework: Supporting Principal Actions That Improve Schools
  • Women in the Superintendency: Obtain the Job and Keep It!
  • Delivering on Our Promise: Turning Strategic Planning into Lasting Transformation
  • Better Together: Leading the Transformation of Public Education
  • Bringing Your Strategic Plan to Life
  • Partnerships for Excellence — Fostering Change through Quarterly Conversations

Equity in Children’s Initiatives

  • Engaging Communities of Color in Education Policy and Practice
  • Paving the Way to Equity: Universal Enrollment in Camden, NJ
  • Harnessing Student Voice for School Improvement — Three District Approaches
  • United We Stand, Divided We Fail: Working with Unions to Dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline
  • Graduation Acceleration through a Rigorous Pathway
  • Building a Coalition to Improve Mental Health Services for Students

Personalizing Education

  • Abandoning Age-Based Learning
  • Who Are You?
  • A Customized Approach to Analyzing District Special Services to Enhance Opportunities for Students
  • Alternative Career Pathways — Redefining Traditional Opportunities for Teacher Professional Development
  • Personalized Learning: A Blueprint for Success
  • Encouraging a Lifetime of Creativity: Building a Community Arts Culture
  • Redefining Ready: Transforming Learning in a 1:1 District
  • Journey towards Personalization: Creating an Incubator of Innovation
  • Uberization of Education: Strategic Leadership for Personalized Learning
  • Socorro ISD WIN Academy: A Non-Traditional Approach to Closing Achievement Gap
  • One School District’s Journey to 1:1 and Personalized Learning
  • The Cornerstones of Personalization: Standards-Based Learning and Formative Assessment

Principal Supervisor Initiatives

  • Building Capacity of Principal Supervisors to Improve Principal Instructional Leaderships
  • How to Make Teacher Evaluation Actually Improve Teaching
  • L5 Time Management for School Leaders: Clearing the Plate for Effective Leadership
  • Building a Bench of Superintendents: A NYCDOE Leadership Development Program
  • Superintendents: Your Principals Need You! Guiding and Supporting Site Leadership

Superintendent/School Board Relationships

  • Publishing Professionally: Practical Advice from the Editors
  • Building Powerful Partnerships in Culturally Diverse Communities
  • Collaborative Leadership & Governance for Sustained District Improvement
  • Superintendents, Boards, Communities: Instilling Harmony through Engagement and Communication
  • Leading the Community in Setting the Vision and Mission for Your District
  • Kentucky New Superintendent Standards — Redefining Superintendent and School Board Relations