The Personalization of Education | February 13‑15, 2020 | San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA |

The Written Word

I did it again. Yup. Every time I come to NCE, I find myself in the bookstore looking at all that is available. I can spend hours in there (and often do). I tell myself I will just look, maybe list the books I am interested in and order them from home. I tell myself books are heavy for travel and that I don’t need more to add to my bookshelf; I already have so many waiting to be read. I tell myself … and then, I find myself there once again…

Women at the Forefront: Reflections

At the end of the day Friday, I participated in a session about women in leadership positions and gender inequities. Sharing our stories, it was amazing how many women leaders have been coached to not share that they are a parent. Funny, I think being a parent is a huge piece of my leadership of schools full of children. Yet, women still face the bias about this: the fear that women will not be serious about their jobs if they are or aspire to being a mom. Something to think about (and get past).

#NCE2019 Here I Come!

As I prepared for the National Conference on Education this year, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I have to fly all the way across the country from Vermont to California and to make the trek on Tuesday. As the full conference starts on Thursday, that decision allowed me to look at the pre-conference sessions and dig in deeper to an area of interest!

12,000 Steps

So far today, 12,000 steps. That is good, right?Today was about learning from colleagues. I attended a round table on google tools for ed leadership and learned the most from a colleague from New Jersey. We plan to share templates and ideas after this conference.

Priorities at #NCE17

As I pack and prepare for my flight to New Orleans, I pause to think about what I want to get done over the next few days. What learning or advocacy is most important to me right now? I have the opportunity to tackle nearly every topic on my desk through thought sessions, workshops and even dinner conversation with colleagues. A review of the sessions on the website has whet my appetite in many areas.