The Personalization of Education | February 13‑15, 2020 | San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA |

Bookworm’s Delight

Every semester, our administrative team participates in a book study, sometimes together with the District Leadership Team or District Walkthrough Cadre and sometimes for administrators exclusively, but always a new book each semester. The topics vary and are targeted toward district initiatives, strategic goals and leadership growth. There was even a semester when administrators were divided into groups, with each group reading different books around “hot topics”.

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin’ has been running through my head as I’ve started thinking about the NCE Conference. It was 15 degrees in Kansas at noon and 45 degrees in Los Angeles, but weather aside, if you’ve not checked out the program for the AASA National Conference in Education, take a look on the website at You’ll soon find more to anticipate than a warm-up under the California sun.

Dancing in the Rain

While browsing through the AASA Bookstore this week, I was captivated by Jerome Murphy’s book, “Dancing in the Rain.” The author guides educational leaders through the important skills of building inner strengths of mindfulness and value-centered leadership in order to thrive under pressure. I tend to personalize pressure so was really intrigued with the book’s message and am looking forward to reading and learning how to better manage the emotional pitfalls of the daily challenges of being a superintendent.

Finding Miss America

Every superintendent knows that balance is important. It would be pretty darned easy to let being a superintendent consume every part of your life and personality. As a result, most of us look toward other interests to provide that balance. Some choose sports, hobbies or travel. I choose pageants. That’s right. Pageants. Like Miss America. But specifically, the Miss Kansas Pageant, the official state preliminary to the Miss America Pageant.

A Marathon – Not a Sprint

How will we measure social-emotional learning? Our district leadership team has been asking this question over the course of the past year, so I was excited when I discovered an early morning session on this very topic. I was hopeful there might be some ideas I could take home to our team and I wasn’t disappointed.

Nashville – A Confession

Confession: the last time the National Conference on Education was in Nashville, I had a miserable time. But it wasn’t because of the conference. I was miserable because the week before the conference a car came crashing through my office, landing in the middle of the wall where my desk was sitting. Unfortunately, I was sitting there as well.