Education in the Digital Age | February 15–17, 2018 | Nashville Music City Center | Nashville, TN |

Randy Ziegenfuss

Personalization: Moving from “education” to “learning”

This year's conference theme: Leadership - personalized, accountable and visionary was made real through many opportunities for me to engage with colleagues around the idea of personalized learning. For me the conversation started early in the week at AASA's National Superintendent Certification Program, hearing from Dan Domenech, AASA Executive Director, and Mort Sherman, Associate Executive Director, on their latest book, Personalizing 21st [...]

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Is empathy part of the answer?

After listening to Ravi Hutheesing's keynote, Can millennials save education?, the idea of empathy was the thread that ran through my curiosities. Ravi shared that millennials make up the largest generational sub-group and that they differ from baby boomers in behaviors, politics, and life purpose. While his focus was on millennials, the same could be said when [...]

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