Seen and Heard Around the Conference

Our Favorite Old-timer Peter Corona, the Energizer Bunny in the AASA membership ranks, maintained his unchallenged and unbroken record in …  

Seen and Heard Around the Conference

A Rush to Best-Seller StatusA superintendent from Michigan was so taken by what he learned in a fellow superintendent’s recent book, he raced to the AASA Conference Bookstore to buy all available copies to take back home.

Twenty Early-Risers Take to Nearby Streets for Fun Run

What was dubbed the first “Officially Unofficial NCE Fun Run” attracted 20 early-rising superintendents (and a few AASA staff members) for a jaunt around the streets of the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday.

Corporate Partners Recognized at AASA’s 2nd General Session

AASA works with a wide array of corporate partners that help the association provide members with practical benefits, so Executive Director Dan Domenech used his time at the 2nd General Session on Friday to recognize those organizations.

Past Presidents Take a Bow in the Limelight

AASA does not overlook an opportunity to recognize those who served as the elected leaders in the past. At the conference’s 2nd General Session on Friday morning, 17 of the past presidents were formally acknowledged at the front of the assembly hall.

VIDEO: AASA’s Social Media Lounge (1:29)

The association marks the fifth year of a major social media presence at the national conference, and the lounge leaders share why it’s significant.