Education in the Digital Age | February 15–17, 2018 | Nashville Music City Center | Nashville, TN |

March 3

Ravi’s Unconventional Journey Reveals Keys to Reach Millennials       

“School didn’t really work for me,” Ravi Hutheesing confessed to hundreds of educators during the AASA national conference’s 2nd General Session on Friday. “It was all facts and figures (and) [...]

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NSBA and AASA Heads Worry Jointly on Direction of Federal Initiatives

With a new administration in Washington, attendees gained updates and insights into scenarios including potential budget cuts, the expansion of charter schools, reforms to the tax code and initiatives that [...]

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Seen & Heard Around the Conference

Short tidbits about distinctive activities spotted around the convention center in New Orleans during the AASA national conference. Parallel Lives Ravi Hutheesing told his audience at the 2nd General Session [...]

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Blog post: Randy Ziegenfuss on Empathy’s Place in Our Schools

After he listened to Ravi Hutheesing's keynote address on Friday, Randy Ziegenfuss got thinking about greater empathy and its part in addressing millennials and other student groups today. -- Is empathy [...]

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