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Incoming President Calls for Colleagues Learning With and From Colleagues in AASA Cohort Initiatives

Chris Gaines, known in AASA circles for his inimitable bow ties and a fondness for describing himself as “just Zack’s dad,” gave a preview of what association members can expect [...]

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Singing Superintendents Celebrate Music City USA Through Country and Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Singing Superintendents kicked off the 3rd General Session of AASA’s national conference Saturday morning on a patriotic note, beginning with “The Star-Spangled Banner” as a digital flag waved in [...]

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Todd Rose: Science Will Help Educators Shape Personalized Teaching and Learning

Harvard University professor Todd Rose says the science of individualization is leading the charge in personalized education, commerce and health care – and we should all embrace it. “If you [...]

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Combat Hostile School Environments and Inequities, Effie Jones Lunch Attendees Told

Superintendents have the opportunity and responsibility to be the bully pulpit against hostile school environments and inequities in their school districts. Catherine Lhamon, chair of the U.S. Commission of Civil [...]

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Suburban Chicago Leader Reacts to Being Named National Superintendent of Year® as ‘Surreal, Just Crazy’

A suburban Chicago superintendent who has developed and promoted an initiative known as Redefining Ready! to rethink the assessment of student learning was named 2018 National Superintendent of the Year® [...]

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Billionaire Philanthropist to AASA: Superintendents Should Tap Their Grads for Big Support

The CEO and co-founder of the Blackstone Group, a global private equity firm with $434 billion in assets, told school system leaders they ought to solicit the successful graduates of [...]

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Book Author Goodwin Lists Resilience as Trait of Top Leadership

Resilience, the ability to withstand adversity and learning from one’s mistakes are traits of most strong leaders, Pulitzer Prize-winning presidential historian and author Doris Kearns Goodwin told an audience of [...]

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Curriculum Expert Jacobs Sees Antiquated Spaces Limiting Digital Advances

Curriculum expert Heidi Hayes Jacobs wants to end old-school nostalgia. Literally. To make her point at a Thought Leader session Thursday morning at the AASA national conference, Jacobs projected a [...]

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Rothstein Links Segregated Schools to Housing Patterns Influenced by Public Policy

Richard Rothstein, in his Thought Leader session Thursday at the AASA national conference, described what he see as the primary cause behind the segregation that continues today in public education. [...]

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Counsel for Protecting Undocumented Students When Federal Agents Visit Your School

The topic of undocumented students was tackled in a panel discussion at the AASA conference Thursday titled What to Do When ICE Comes to Your School District. The session raised [...]

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Four Finalists Await Announcement of 2018 National Superintendent of the Year

Superintendents from California, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee will learn late Thursday afternoon, Feb. 15, which one of them will be crowned the 2018 National Superintendent of the Year. The public [...]

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