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“Never has this country been more divided,” James Carville told attendees at the 3rd General Session of AASA’s 2017 national conference in New Orleans. The political strategist told the final audience of this conference he believed negative partisanship was behind the trend. “They don’t like their own party, but they absolutely loathe the other party. […]

The next president of AASA, Gail Pletnick, called on her colleagues to raise their voices loudly to tell the stories that capture the distinctive ways public schools are working with students. In a 15-minute address to the 3rd General Session at AASA’s national conference in New Orleans on Saturday morning, Pletnick said school system leaders […]

The Singing Superintendents kicked off the closing session of AASA’s national conference on Saturday with a poignant farewell to New Orleans and powerful tribute to the late Leonard Cohen’s most recognized number, “Hallelujah.” In a 15-minute performance on stage at the 3rd General Session, the beautiful soprano voices of women mixed seamlessly with the powerful […]

What is the role of the superintendent in creating a school environment that ensures equity, respects all students and protects our children, particularly vulnerable children, in the new political climate? John B. King Jr., until recently the U.S. secretary of education and newly appointed president and CEO of the Education Trust, addressed this question after […]

Three school leaders received the 2017 Women in School Leadership Awards at AASA’s national conference in New Orleans, La. The announcements were made at the 2nd General Session on Friday. The honors were made in three categories: Superintendent Award: Yvonne Caamal Canul, superintendent of Lansing School District in Lansing, Mich. Central Office/Principal Award: Lisette Estrella-Henderson, […]

The Dr. Effie H. Jones Memorial Luncheon at AASA’s national conference honors people whose actions model what Dr. Effie Jones, former associate executive director of the association, embodied. Jones was a champion for equity in educational leadership for women and minorities. The annual luncheon in her honor on Friday brought forward several individuals in education […]

The National Superintendent of the Year program has named Matthew Utterback, who leads the North Clackamas School District in Milwaukie, Ore., as its 2017 honoree. The announcement was made Thursday (March 2) on stage at the 1st General Session of AASA’s National Conference on Education in New Orleans. Aramark and VALIC co-sponsor the NSOY award […]

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