Education in the Digital Age | February 15–17, 2018 | Nashville Music City Center | Nashville, TN |

Topical Sessions

Advice Shared With Superintendents on Embracing a One-to-One Initiative

The one-to-one technology initiative that is gaining rapid use in K-12 education nationally allows schools to effectively implement technology in the digital age. In the Rowan Salisbury School District in [...]

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Dig Into Data to Raise Graduation Rates, Conference Panelists Suggest

Lexington County, S.C., School District One’s high school graduation rate exceeds 90 percent. On the surface, this looks like a strong, even exceptional outcome for the district. Yet as Gloria [...]

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To Overcome Rural Challenges, Leaders Discuss Aligning Technology to Available Resources

Most Saturday mornings are spent in bed or sleeping in late, but superintendents from across the country were up early Saturday for an AASA conference session on aligning technology and [...]

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Two Illinois Superintendents Share How to Build and Maintain Relationships

Two Illinois school superintendents discussed the value of creating a personal-professional network during an AASA national conference session on Saturday titled “It’s About the Relationships: Balancing the Demands of the [...]

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Smaller Federal Government Means Reduced Presence of Civil Rights Work in Schools, Attorneys Claim

A panel of attorneys discussed, at an AASA conference session Friday, how the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is struggling to keep up with investigations involving public [...]

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NSBA, AASA Chiefs: Boards, Superintendents Can Find Common Purpose in Promoting Equity

The executive directors of the AASA and NSBA discussed how important equity is when it comes to several hot-button issues involving school shootings, advocacy work and student learning. The two [...]

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A Washington District Uses a Community Schools Tact to Reach Its Most Disadvantaged Citizens

Community schools cultivate hope, opportunity and agency in Vancouver, Wash. “You heard me, not Canada!” quipped Tom Hagley, chief of staff and chief communications officer for Vancouver Public Schools during [...]

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Upgrading Human Capital Practices Requires Central-Office Attentiveness, Workshop Promotes

School districts hoping to improve their human capital practices will be confronted by three startling facts, which were the basis of a preconference session at AASA’s national conference in Nashville [...]

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Lead With Love, Says Superintendent Trio, in a Courageous Conversation on Equity

Every student is entitled to the opportunity to reach his or her potential. Yet, too often, educational outcomes can be predicted based on race or demographics. Superintendents need to be [...]

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Panel Addresses What’s Needed to Build Graduates With Ready Skills

Conference attendees filled a session at the AASA national conference on Thursday to learn how to prepare their school district to build an effective 21st century education system. At the [...]

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Districts Detail Training to Remedy Discipline Disparities

A disproportionate number of students are suspended and even expelled in many school districts. The vast majority of these suspensions are for minor and discretionary infractions in the classrooms, hallways [...]

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The Middle School Kindness Challenge

Sharon Contreras, superintendent of Guilford County, N.C., Schools accepted the Middle School Kindness Challenge earlier this school year for her district. She described what that meant to her schools during [...]

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Three Testify About Their Payoff From AASA Supervisor Academy

Laser focus. Better listening. Genuine partnerships. These are some of the benefits of the AASA National Supervisor Academy, a program launched in 2017 created by a partnership between University of [...]

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Workshop Shows How to Incorporate the 4 C’s in All Future Graduates

Superintendents and their teams learned about integrating the 4 C’s of an effective 21st Century education -- critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity – at a pre-conference workshop run by [...]

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Candid Leadership Insights Shared by Veterans at Urban Superintendents Academy

“I am unapologetic about my beliefs.” That was what John Deasy, someone who held four superintendencies, including Los Angeles, told an audience of superintendents and aspiring superintendents in AASA’s Urban [...]

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Vancouver Uses Global Strategies to Address Its Cultural Diversity

At a time when many school districts are struggling with cultural diversity, the Vancouver, Wash., school system has found an effective strategy to immerse  students in deeper learning experiences,  preparing [...]

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