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"Millenials love peer to peer learning, a key to personalized learning" ~ Ravi Ravi, a rock star, aviator, entrepreneur, and cultural diplomat effectively changed the common Baby Boomer's view of Millenials. Through an entertaining and data informed presentation on the passions of Millennials, I, for one, left the auditorium with new hope for our [...]

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Connecting Learning to Passion

Ravi Hutheesing started our day with a thought provoking message.  He shared how important it is to ensure learning has context. Facts, figures, and formulas without context leave kids struggling to connect school to their passions and aspirations. To be frank, Ravi implied, the lack of connection between content and individual students interest is leading many of our students [...]

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Trio Receive 2017 Women in School Leadership Awards

Three school leaders received the 2017 Women in School Leadership Awards at AASA’s national conference in New Orleans, La. The announcements were made at the 2nd General Session on Friday. The honors were made in three categories: Superintendent Award: Yvonne Caamal Canul, superintendent of Lansing School District in Lansing, Mich. Central Office/Principal Award: Lisette Estrella-Henderson, [...]

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12,000 Steps

So far today, 12,000 steps. That is good, right? Today was about learning from colleagues. I attended a round table on google tools for ed leadership and learned the most from a colleague from New Jersey. We plan to share templates and ideas after this conference. Following that, I ran into a couple of folks [...]

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Intentionality – Essential to High-Performing Teams

Following the chain of command, by empowering others, prevents the "lanterns and axes" from entering into the board meeting. Effective superintendent and board relationships begins with the expectation that problems are solved at the lowest level in the organization as possible.  Following the chain of command empowers employees and parents to work collaboratively for the [...]

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Celebrating Leadership

I am looking forward to Thursday's General Session as we gather to honor excellence in leadership.     Congratulations to the State Superintendents of the Year, and to the finalist for the National Superintendent of Year Award!  Your courageous leadership is making it possible for our children to live the American Dream.    Well done!

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Supreme Court to Settle Trio of School District Cases

Attorney Maree Sneed, who specializes on education issues, outlined three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court in which public school districts are involved parties. She offered this overview before 100 members of the AASA Governing Board on Wednesday morning at the association’s national conference in New Orleans. Sneed provided a handout that captured the implications [...]

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Priorities at #NCE17

As I pack and prepare for my flight to New Orleans, I pause to think about what I want to get done over the next few days. What learning or advocacy is most important to me right now? I have the opportunity to tackle nearly every topic on my desk through thought sessions, workshops and [...]

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