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A Story of a Student Named…(fill in the blank)

There is a reoccurring theme, and that is that education is a people-driven line of work. There is so much that we have discovered about people, adults and children over the course of the past few decades that to ignore this new information would be tragic. Rather than be a school district dedicated to “the way it’s always been done,” we owe it to our students to push the envelope. Do we know our students, have we built authentic relationships, are they treated and taught as individuals? The rationale for asking these questions has been deeply and definitively defined throughout the sessions, and what remains is whether action will, or will not, be taken. Do we want change deeply enough to lead through the adversity that will inevitably come along with it? Think of the child in this world who you love the most. What lengths would you go to to create a school system that would produce better results for this student than what traditional schools are delivering now? By declaring we love public education with such fervor, I would think we have already made the decision to transform our school systems into the kind of places that, regardless of the student we are thinking about, it’s a system for them.

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