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It’s a challenge…but

Spending time this week at #NCE2022 with other Superintendents has helped me to gain perspective. We have challenges. Deep, frustrating, at times overwhelming challenges.

I have heard from Superintendents about the struggles that they have faced over the last two years. Teacher and administrators frustrations. Parent concerns. Student struggles with mental health, isolation, depression.

Our challenges are real.

But . . . I have also seen in our conversations a deep hope for the future. I have been in sessions where leaders have spoken about their plans for improving equity, meeting the needs of early childhood, improving teacher morale, creating and maintaining a diverse workforce. I have heard the ideas, the possibilities, the hope our leaders have for the future. Even though all of us have at times been overwhelmed but the various demands that have been put upon this over these last two years, we still are looking ahead.

There are challenges . . . but we have leaders who are ready to meet those challenges and continue to make public education a source of community pride by meeting the needs of our students.

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