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Pausing to Consider the “Big Rocks”

As I reflect on the conference experience and begin to make the transition back to home, it was pointed out in my morning session that focusing on the big rocks (Steven Covey) should always consume the majority of our time and attention. After picking up hundreds of pieces of information over the past few days, it would be foolish to think that each item could, or should, be implemented in our respective districts. A selection process must occur; a sifting, sorting, reflecting process post conference which may end up being the most valuable and impactful exercise we could entertain. Which pieces of information are most critical, most aligned, and most impactful for the people we serve? These, I would argue, are the big rocks.

Thank you to AASA for this experience, the opportunity to blog about the conference, and the presenters who took the time to prepare and present for their colleagues. This has been a meaningful, growing opportunity!


Paul McDermott

Connect with Paul on twitter at Drpaulmcdermott or follow his district blog at

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