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Remember the moments

In her talk on leadership yesterday, Doris Kearns Goodwin said this:

“For most of us, the hope to be remembered may not be realized on Mt. Rushmore, but through the memories of our children, friends and colleagues. “

This reminded me of the importance of the small moments in our lives that seem not to make a difference, but actually make a huge difference to others. As leaders in our respective districts, we wield a power that most of us forget in the day-to-day busyness of our work lives.

In an earlier session, Thomas Murray spoke about an encounter he had with his superintendent. The superintendent stopped by his classroom and called him out into the hallway. At first, as a new teacher, he was nervous. But the superintendent, in just 30 seconds, said that he was happy Mr. Murray was in the district and was doing a great job.

Mr. Murray said he still remembers that moment from many years ago. He can still remember the exact spot he was standing. He can still remember how proud and grateful he felt after hearing the superintendent's words.

Those small moments make a difference. May we be mindful of how we can create memories that will last a lifetime for those with whom we work.

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