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Seen & Heard Around the Conference: Stress Readings Among Attendees and a Trip Ticket South of the Border

A Stressful Bunch in the Crowds

Maybe it was the overwhelming feelings of pressure back home that brought so many to Nashville this week.

Preliminary results of a brief survey on superintendent stress promoted by AASA Executive Daniel Domenech at the 1st General Session showed more than three-quarters of respondents appear to be experiencing moderate to high stress. Meanwhile, fewer than one-quarter of the 184 respondents indicated feelings of low stress. 

The basis for the NCE Stress Test is the “perceived stress scale,” a scientifically validated 10-question screener developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

Those who attended the conference still can complete the survey at Those who do so will have the chance to join AASA’s March CatchLife30 Challenge.

Guatemala Here He Comes

Scott Ziegler has been dealing with tumultuous situations as superintendent of the Loudoun County Public Schools in Ashburn, Va.

A year from now, he’ll have the chance to be far removed from the hubbub, with an opportunity to participate as a volunteer on next Lifetouch Memory Mission, Jan. 18-25, 2023, in Guatemala. Ziegler’s name was drawn in a contest at the conference.

The Lifetouch-sponsored trip, resuming after a two-year pandemic hiatus, will lead to the creation of a bottle school in the Central American nation. Other school leaders are welcome to join the mission. Find details at

(Compiled by Jay P. Goldman, editor of AASA’s Conference Daily Online.)

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