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Strategic Partnerships Support Association Events, Services

The largesse of seven strategic partners provides major support for AASA’s annual conference, awards programs, on-site photography and other services throughout the year. This year was another record-breaking year in corporate partnerships for the national conference.

Strategic partners ensure the success of the association’s National Conference on Education, where attendees learn and gain inspiration from thought leaders, innovative school leaders and other experts during sessions and at special events. Partners also have booths in the exhibit hall where more than 190 exhibitors showcase an array of products and services for the K-12 marketplace.

“We sincerely appreciate the support we have received and express our gratitude to each company,” says Heidi Schmidt, AASA director of strategic partnerships. “Without their generosity, the National Conference on Education would not be possible. We offer our continued gratitude to those companies who have consistently supported the NCE and extend a warm welcome to those who are joining us for the first time.”

Partnerships for the 2017 National Conference on Education are acknowledged at the following levels: Event-Level Partner and Large Strategic Partner.

Event-Level Partners: Frontline Education, NJPA and Pearson

Large Strategic Partners: AXA Equitable, Hobsons, Horace Mann and McGraw-Hill Education

AASA is also grateful for corporate support of its awards programs and photography services.

Awards: Aramark and VALIC (Superintendent of the Year), McGraw-Hill Education (Effie H. Jones Humanitarian Award)

Official Photographer: Lifetouch Photography is the official photographer of AASA, The School Superintendents Association. Lifetouch also prints AASA's School Administrator magazine. The association appreciates the support and services Lifetouch provides AASA throughout the year.

In recent years, AASA had been busy serving more than 25-30 companies a year under the former model. These “one-off” opportunities did not satisfy partners who wanted to have a more meaningful relationship with AASA and its members. In July 2015, AASA introduced a new model that streamlines partnership offerings and offers ways for sponsors to serve members year-round, rather than at just the national conference. Partners now have more meaningful opportunities to build more lasting relationships with AASA members.

(By Liz Griffin, senior reporter for Conference Daily Online.)

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