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Fighting Fake News Takes on New Importance for School Districts

In an age where social media has amplified every voice, fake news is a newfound phenomenon that often drowns out the facts and can bring chaos to a community. The AASA conference session on Saturday morning titled “Making Your District Message Real in the Fake News Age” offered superintendents guidance on building credibility in the […]

Leaders Know Relationships Transform Learning Over Time

Glenn is known as a fashionista around AASA. More important than socks or shoe styles are his words of wisdom to colleagues during the first ever social media session this morning. Glenn is connected. He gets it. He knows his role, and he is an unabashed, positive force on social media to champion his district.

The Trouble with Trolls

I love those little trolls in the DreamWorks movie “Trolls.” I especially love Poppy, who has a great personality and an even greater voice (played by Anna Kendrick, who you might remember from “Pitch Perfect.”)

Why Use Social Media In Your District? #TellYourStory!

The message was clear to those sitting in the conference audience: If you’re not using social media to tell your story, then someone else surely is — and that story may paint a very different picture of your schools.

NCE Social Media Lounge

As I pack for the upcoming AASA #NCE19 conference in L.A., I take a few minutes to look over the program online. I come across an important reminder to check in at the AASA Social Media lounge. I love it there! I meet folks whose posts I follow, learn tips on how to market my district better, and just enjoy talking with others who strive to use social media for the benefit of their district. I hope to see you there!

AASA Exhibit Hall to Bustle with Booths, Discussions, Social Media

Inside the exhibit hall at the AASA national conference in Los Angeles, attendees will find the Knowledge Exchange Theatre, the social media lounge, dozens of roundtable presentations and more than 190 exhibitors ready to answer questions about services and products in K-12 education. About 40 percent of the exhibitors are first-timers at the AASA conference.