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The Written Word

I did it again. Yup. Every time I come to NCE, I find myself in the bookstore looking at all that is available. I can spend hours in there (and often do). I tell myself I will just look, maybe list the books I am interested in and order them from home. I tell myself books are heavy for travel and that I don't need more to add to my bookshelf; I already have so many waiting to be read. I tell myself … and then, I find myself there once again…

And yup, this year was no different. I bought four! Not all at once, mind you. I did it in two trips (kind of like eating half a cookie and then going back for the other half. Just having half means it does not count, right????) Anyway, I bought four. My interests this year focused on social media, board/superintendent relationships and communication. To-do books, as it were. I plan on reading one to two of them on my airplane trip home.

Definitely a place to hang out, the bookstore! The written word may be heavy for travel, but is good for the soul!

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