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VIDEO: Findings of AASA’s New Superintendent Salary Study

The 2016 AASA Superintendent Salary and Benefits Study yielded findings on an array of issues confronting those who lead the nation’s school system.

In a short video, lead researcher Robert McCord commented on several of the more distinctive discoveries of the new study, which reflects the views of nearly 1,400 superintendent respondents. McCord commented on changes reflected in the superintendency studies over the past five years.

Among the findings:

  • Males outnumbered females by a 4-to-1 ratio, with the average age of all respondents being 52.
  • The median salary for superintendents ranged from about $90,000 for the smallest districts to nearly $230,000 for those leading the largest districts.
  • Benefits received by superintendents include contributions to annuities, medical and dental insurance coverage and professional memberships.
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