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We Get To

At yesterday afternoon’s general session, AASA president, Dr. Paul Imhoff, reminded us of an important mind shift that we can, and should, take as school leaders.

The pandemic, COVID, Coronavirus – whatever you call it – has been difficult for everyone. For students, families, communities, elected officials, medical personnel, teachers…EVERYONE!  And the added divisiveness that has gripped our nation has only added to the stress.  Paul reminded us that it would be easy to become weary in our leadership roles.  We could focus on what we have to do, lamenting each day.  And I get it. I have done it too.

But Paul reminded us that a simple shift from, “I have to” to “I GET to” can make all the difference.  In a Thursday morning session that I attended, one of the presenters started with, “It’s a great day to be a public educator!”  And it is!

One of the benefits of the AASA National Conference on Education is the opportunity to be with other dedicated educators who can support us, buoy our spirits, and remind us that despite the challenges of our time (and there have always been and always will be challenges), we are fortunate to be public educators. We are the leaders who asked to be in these roles.  We don’t really have to do these jobs.  We GET to!  And I am thankful for that!

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