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Women at the Forefront: Reflections

At the end of the day Friday, I participated in a session about women in leadership positions and gender inequities. Sharing our stories, it was amazing how many women leaders have been coached to not share that they are a parent. Funny, I think being a parent is a huge piece of my leadership of schools full of children. Yet, women still face the bias about this: the fear that women will not be serious about their jobs if they are or aspire to being a mom. Something to think about (and get past).

I was impressed in this session on how quickly those in the room bonded over their stories, stories of how they got to where they are and stories about where they wish to head. The personal connection, the stories, can truly inspire others. Do not be afraid to use your voice to share the challenges you face, and to share the successes you have! Both are crucial and will influence someone else who is going through their own challenges striving for successes. We are all learners, we are all evolving. Leadership is a path of mistakes that lead to better outcomes. Don't hide those mistakes … share them and celebrate where you are.

Intentional mentoring makes a difference. If more women are to be in leadership positions, then we need to mentor women so they know it can be done and they can do it. All of us, men and women, benefit from mentorships. Be intentional.

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