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17 Past Presidents Receive a Hand at General Session

AASA always uses its national conference to acknowledge its elected leadership of the past.

David Schuler, the immediate past president, had the honor of introducing 16 others in his distinctive club within the association at the 2nd General Session of the AASA national conference in New Orleans on Friday.

“We have a great history, and we have built on that history from those who went before us,” Schuler said on stage. “Every year we have folks who step forward and run for president and once elected they travel widely representing our profession.”

On hand for recognition by Schuler, the 2015-16 leader, were these past presidents:

1978-79, Norman Hall

1989-90, Dean Speicher

1993-94, Robert Fox

1994-95, Goldie Haun

1998-99, Daniel Domenech

1999-2000, Joseph Cirasuolo

2001-02, Don Hooper

2004-05, Don Kussmaul

2006-07, Eugene White

2007-08, Sarah Jerome

2008-09, Randy Collins

2009-10, Mark Bielang

2010-11, Ed Hatrick

2011-12, Pat Neudecker

2013-14, Amy Sichel

2014-15, David Pennington

2015-16, David Schuler

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