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Pre-Con February 14

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Pre-conference Workshops
This presentation by Brent Maddin, executive director of the Next Education Workforce at Arizona State University, was one of several pre-conference workshops held Wednesday, Feb. 14. Photo by Howard Lipin.
Generative Artificial Intelligence
Executive Director Emeritus Daniel Domenech spoke at a pre-conference session titled "Speed Dating Edition: Connecting Superintendents and Educators with Gen AI Companies." Photo by Howard Lipin.
Checking into NCE
Attendees check in to AASA's 2024 National Conference on Education in San Diefo, Calif. Photo by Howard Lipin.
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Program Changes

    • Cancelled Session: Pathway to Student Success: Innovated and Equity Center Approach to Accountability, Saturday from 8-9 a.m., Room 1-B
    • Cancelled: Delaney Ruston, The Screenagers Trilogy: Mental Health Resilience in the Digital Age, Saturday from 9:15-10:15 a.m., Room 11-B

    Note: Changes in the 2024 conference schedule reported to AASA will appear in the conference app

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