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AASA’s Governing Board Ratifies Modest Dues Increase and ‘Marching Orders’ for Federal Priorities in Year Ahead

AASA leadership at the February 14 Governing Board meeting in San Diego. Photo by Jimmy Minichello.

AASA’s membership dues will take a modest tick upward in the next year, one of the principal actions taken by the association’s Governing Board at its meeting in San Diego on Wednesday, Feb. 14.

The governing body also formally ratified AASA’s federal legislative agenda for 2024 and the Beliefs and Position Statements. These actions were taken after representatives in each of the board’s seven regions deliberated in separate meetings to provide input to the association’s staff.

Noelle Ellerson Ng, AASA’s associate executive director for policy and governance, told the 115 members of the Governing Board: “These are the marching orders for our team going forward.”

The board’s major agenda item involved the selection of three official candidates to run for the AASA presidency. Five members had sought to become candidates.

On the dues issue, the approved increases in all categories amount to a 3.2 percent hike, which is in line with the Consumer Price Index of the past year. AASA bylaws prescribe the use of CPI data when considering member dues increases from one year to the next.

The predominant category, known as the Active member level, will register a $15 increase in yearly dues to $485. More than 7,300 members currently fit in this category.

The second most populous dues category, known as District Cabinet, with 850 members, will see dues rise by $7 to $215. The Small Schools category, with 721 members, will field a $6 increase to $241.

The Professor and Associate membership categories will rise $7 to $215, while the dues for retired members will increase $3 a year to $82.

(Jay Goldman is editor-in-chief of Conference Daily Online and editor of AASA’s School Administrator magazine.)

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