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101st Annual Meeting/Luncheon of the Horace Mann League at AASA

101st Annual Meeting/Luncheon of the Horace Mann League at AASA

Yesterday, the Horace Mann League celebrated its 101st Annual Meeting with an awards luncheon at AASA. As always, the affair was graced by the presence of sitting superintendents, professors, researchers and incredible public education leaders! The Horace Mann League is an honorary educational association whose purpose is founded on the principals of Horace Mann- to […]

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Well my time in San Antonio has come to an end. I am sitting at the airport now waiting for my flight to begin the trek eastward back to Maine. Next time I will have to plan my flights a little better so I can stick around for Saturday’s learning sessions too! Thoughts/Ideas I am […]

Final Thoughts on the state of our public schools

As I reflect on a week packed full of amazing AASA experiences with my team from Indian Hill EVSD, what is clear is that the work we do with each other, for the children of our public school system, is vital. We witnessed some amazing breakout sessions, and spoke to educators from around the country with […]

[Video] Baron Davis: Empowering the Next Generation of Black Male Educators (3:20)

The Premier 100 movement aims to raise the number of Black and non-white male teachers in school districts. In this short interview, former superintendent Baron Davis discusses this movement during a session at AASA’s 2023 National Conference on Education in San Antonio, Texas. This video was produced by Jimmy Minichello. Read more.

Tap Faith-Based Leaders as Community Voices in Support of Strong Public Education Systems, Two Panelists Suggest

With political leaders aiming negativity at the nation’s public schools recently, community-level faith leaders can play an important role in undoing the harm by delivering strong supportive messages, according to panelists at an AASA conference session on Saturday morning. Kent P. Scribner, superintendent of Fort Worth Independent School District in Texas, and Charles Foster Johnson, […]

Early Learning Gains Late Focus as Subject on Final Day of AASA Conference

The future of education can be so much more than just K-12 but further expanded to P-20, meaning the teaching and nurturing of children from birth to adulthood. A two-person panel spoke about the importance of starting children in an early education setting at their session “Learn What the Future of Education Can Become with Early […]