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A Conversation with Keynote Speaker Abran Maldonado

On Thursday, from 3:30 – 5:30pm, the keynote will be presented by former middle school teacher, current parent and AI ambassador, Abran Maldonado, the co-founder of Create Labs and a leading AI expert. Abran is a visionary who speaks fluent educationese. He routinely speaks to educators worldwide about AI in the context of teaching, learning, and leadership. He sat down with me on Tuesday prior to the conference to discuss his “Why?” and all of the reasons he is confident that AI possesses the capacity to revolutionize education by unlocking individual potential – and not just for students!

Without being a spoiler, I will share our conversation in this space over the course of the next couple of days in anticipation of his address on Thursday. Abran is a self-made person who has not risen to the ranks of the technologically elite in the same way other Silicon Valley icons have – he's more like us: an educator driven by a passion for serving historically underserved communities.

Trust this veteran superintendent when I tell you that you will not want to miss out on spending some time in world of Abran – a self-professed world builder.

Stay tuned for my next message…

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