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A New Experience

This is the first major virtual conference I have attended since we started the COVID era. I am a bit in awe of the organization. Going through all the workshops and options – it is impressive. I have come to learn how hard it is to sort out people for a Public Board Meeting on Zoom so I have sure gained great appreciation for all the logistics in the background. I usually come to this conference for the content I can bring back to my school district. This year, I admit I will be keeping an eye on the technology used as well – always trying to find new ways to engage virtually.

As we start the conference this week – I know many of us were likely already on a pre-session today, I am very interested in how connected we will feel. Will this conference experience be more than just a video presentation. Like I am sure many of you, I come to the AASA Conference for the quality of the event, content of the presentations and for the connections. I feel pretty sure the first two will both still be there but I am interested in the third. I am one of a handful of Canadians this year and while our experiences have been different, the overarching themes that surround COVID like remote learning, equity, technology and student well being are just as to your north as they are for all of you.

I look forward to writing, sharing and hopefully connecting with many of you this week. As a bit of a conversation starter, on my professional blog Culture of Yes I posted something today about 7 COVID Edu Trends That Will Stick – it seems rather appropriate for the conversations we will be having this week.

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