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A Remarkable Day

There are just so many great highlights from my conference experience today. It was wonderful to see the recognition of our Superintendents of the Year–just missed the opportunity to shout and cheer with my colleagues as our Maryland SOY Karen Couch was introduced. The opening keynote definitely laid the foundation for the sessions on equity and social emotional learning that followed.

I found the session on “Education and the Front Page” intriguing. Dealing with the media during the pandemic has been a challenge for superintendents and it was helpful to hear the perspectives of these journalists. I loved the statement by Erica Green (NY Times) when describing an article she did on reopening schools in Baltimore which indicated, “We were all just rooting for children.” And kudos to Noelle Ng and team for great questions to spark the panel discussion. Impactful, controversial, or enjoyable–I think superintendents could easily describe our own experiences in the last year that way as well.

I attended three other sessions that also gave me important insights and ideas for further reflection. It is great to be able to download the handouts and presentations as well. Thanks to the presenters for making that available to us.

I ended the day with a visit to a Networking Ed Chat. In all candor, I was not sure if this would work well, but I was definitely wrong! Listening to the CDC representatives as well as superintendents from across the country discuss school reopening was so beneficial. Great links were provided in the chat. I highly recommend the chat option for superintendents to consider tomorrow! I ended the day feeling energized.

Thanks AASA for an amazing day!

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