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AASA/JASON Partnership Sees Rise of Next Gen STEM Heroes

STEM is equity. The key message delivered to over 15 Superintendents, guest Board members, and AASA staff today at the STEM Consortium meeting was loud and clear: the AASA STEM Consortium and its strategic partner JASON Learning, believe in STEM for all. Consortium districts echoed that sentiment with four presentations that highlighted the student-centered approach to STEM culture building, from small and rural schools to urban centers across America.

CEO of JASON Eleanor Smalley shared her perspective ahead of a momentous gathering, as JASON continues to expand its influence with OER curated curricula through its partnership with AASA. “The amazing thing about JASON Learning is that it helps teachers to have a plethora of STEM content at their fingertips, along with teacher tools. The project based curriculum can be used in every class and excites students. JASON Learning is a community curricula designed to be used by all members of the community – parents, siblings, clubs, and other organizations. The most important part of JASON is that students of all ages can see pathways to their careers and lives through the role models in JASON.”

As the superintendent and consortium member, we have experienced JASON at Graham. It  allows teachers and students to explore curriculum connections across disciplines to engage learners in a holistic experience. From Earth Sciences to design thinking, “Big Math” to specialty topics, there are new tiles being added all the time for learning across curricula.Check out more about JASON at

All AASA-JASON STEM consortia members receive exclusive district-wide JASON program packages and pricing, including access to JASON's world-class digital STEM curriculum and resources, local and national teacher professional development workshops and conferences, turn-key community engagement programs and global scientific research travel experiences for students and teachers. When used in combination, these JASON Learning program elements have been shown to have a profound impact on teacher effectiveness, student academic outcomes and attitudes toward future STEM studies and career choices. And then there are the Argonauts. Talk about a unique learning experience for both adults and students. These STEM field trips are transformative.

Revere, Ohio Superintendent Matt Montgomery, who leads a district STEM culture that has years of JASON experience, values the Consortium and partnership with AASA. “As Superintendents we are charged with leading in the 21st Century and creating students who are nimble in an ever-changing market.  The AASA STEM Consortium allows for Superintendents to collaborate around the extremely important topic of STEM instruction to continually evolve and enhance our current pedagogical practices”.

The research-based resources continue to expand, with four new offerings for 2019 added to the curriculum. “Curriculum in STEM naturally lends itself towards student-centered instruction, which as Ted Dintersmith’s champions, allows for student empowerment and a shift from teacher-centered to student-centered classrooms”.  Check out JASON panels tomorrow and learn more throughout the week. If you are a proponent of career pathways, meshing STEM learning PreK-12 with pathways is what JASON and the AASA STEM Consortium are all about. 

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