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AASA’s Superintendent Salary Study Documents Averages and Gains

Median salaries for superintendents across the U.S., computed by school district enrollment, ranged from about $95,000 for the smallest districts to about $260,000 for those leading the largest enrollment districts, according to a newly issued survey by AASA, The School Superintendents Association.

The study, conducted annually by the association, showed salaries increase relative to district enrollment size and found slight increases over previous years for all positions, from superintendent to teacher.

Consistent with findings of previous years, male respondents outnumbered females by slightly less than a four-to-one ratio. Respondents are also overwhelmingly white (not Hispanic). Female respondents also tended to be somewhat older than their male counterparts. The average and median age of all respondents is 52.

This report of findings is divided into 11 sections, generally disaggregated by gender, district enrollment and racial/ethnic group.

Other findings:

  • Tenure as superintendent in present position: 11.2 percent, one year or less; 50.2 percent, one to five years; 26.2 percent, six to 10 years; 8.9 percent, 11-15 years; 3.5 percent, 16 years or more.
  • Longevity as a superintendent: 7.5 percent, one year or less; 37.6 percent, one to five years; 29.1 percent, six to 10 years; 14.5 percent, 11-15 years; 11.2 percent, 16 years or more.

The 2018-19 AASA Superintendent Salary & Benefits Study, directed by researcher Robert S. McCord, is being made public at the AASA National Conference on Education in Los Angeles.

This marks the seventh edition of this study, employing a revised survey instrument. This survey tracks the demographics, salary, benefits and other elements of the employment contracts of school superintendents throughout the country. This year’s study is based on 1,433 responses (approximately a 14 percent response rate).

Requests to access the full 2019 survey report should contact AASA public policy director Noelle Ellerson Ng.

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