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Dancing in the Rain

While browsing through the AASA Bookstore this week, I was captivated by Jerome Murphy’s book, “Dancing in the Rain.” The author guides educational leaders through the important skills of building inner strengths of mindfulness and value-centered leadership in order to thrive under pressure. I tend to personalize pressure so was really intrigued with the book’s message and am looking forward to reading and learning how to better manage the emotional pitfalls of the daily challenges of being a superintendent.

Later the same day, I attended a session that I had been greatly anticipating – Lizzie Sider’s message about her personal bullying experience melded with her talent as a singer and songwriter. The session description promised that Lizzie would perform and she didn’t disappoint as she closed the session with the song, “Dance in the Rain.” Her message wasn’t just focused on students, but reminded the attendees that even adults face pressures of bullying and personal storms.

It doesn’t go without notice that as I prepare to leave Nashville, it is raining. Not a gentle shower but a real “toad soaker,” reinforcing the messages of a great book and a wise young woman. As public school superintendents, we’re faced with many storms. This week I’m glad of the reminders that we are also called to dance in the rain. I plan to watch this video of Lizzie's closing when I face storms back home in Kansas:

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