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Day 1

Yesterday I strode over to get my badge and become a bit acquainted with the layout of the space. Everything made sense — from where to get my badge printed to the vendor area and the meeting spaces. Well laid out and with plenty of signs.

But, TODAY, was SO much fun. What a great ‘first day' experience.

What a rush! So many people and the energy in the conference center was electric. My first stop was the vendor space and I was impressed with the incredible variety — everything from electric school buses to literacy interventions. The options and people were incredible.

My day continued with several sessions including finding some time to reflect on what I had learned as well as make new connections. Today, I talked to colleagues from Alabama, North Carolina and Oregon. I didn't let my typical shyness get in the way as this was a perfect opportunity to learn more from others — more about them and how their school districts operated — everything from the size of their districts to funding models, state requirements, teacher negotiations and more. It was a wonderfully steep learning curve. And, yes, I stopped by the dog petting area and made a new friend there as well. She came right up to me wagging her lovely tail.

My newest friend at the Dog Petting area

I did also end up going to a few sessions today including a couple on AI. Not only did I learn more about this ever-evolving new reality for our schools, but I also learned about how it is being regulated in the States. Fascinating details for a guy from Canada where our regulatory systems are very different.

Tonight, I was hosted by a vendor for a lovely dinner where I met more new friends — Walter, Jeff and Cathy from Alabama (so great to have almost 2 hours together learning about their state, as well as their professional and personal lives) and Joe who was hosting us as a vendor (he shared some great stories about his life as a dad, husband and educational professional as well).

I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to meet and learn from others who are passionate and dedicated about their work. I truly work in a professional environment that is second to none, where the people are so committed to making the lives of others better.

Thank you, AASA, for putting together this amazing event.

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