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How Are We Using Podcasts?

Nice White Parents is one of my favourite podcasts of 2020. As podcasts have boomed in popularity, I have finally joined the masses, and now I am an addict. There are several like This American Life, The Hidden Brain and No Stupid Questions that I listen to each week.

It was a real pleasure to get to hear Chana Joffee-Walt who did the Nice White Parents podcast and is a producer and reporter at This American Life joined by Rachel Lissy for their session at NEC. If you haven't listened to this podcast, it is a really interesting story of one school's history, and some history of education in New York. And also tells the story of the role parents play in schools – lessons for all of us, and even in different circumstances, some ideas we can find that feel familiar.

What really struck me, though, beyond the specific podcast is the use of the podcast itself. I like to think I am fairly digitally savvy – from blogging to social media. I have never really considered a podcast but I wonder what kinds of podcasts superintendents or districts could create that would be “sticky” for the community. The podcasts I love I never want to miss an episode – so what are the stories we have that people would come back and listen to each week, or be interested in a multi-episode story?

Anyone out there finding a way to embed podcasts into their professional work or the work of their district? If this is where our community is learning and engaging, how can we be part of this world?

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