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Inspirational Keynote: Alex Boyé

The keynote is always a great time to see other colleagues, celebrate award winners and learn new ideas ending with an inspirational speaker. Yesterday's session did not disappoint. As usual, I was multitasking throughout and started to leave when Alex Boyé came on stage, or rather, danced to the stage! The tune was catchy, the energy high, the message was personal- I was glued to the performance. Alex's video Bend Not Break was a powerful message against suicide. I plan to look it up again on his YouTube channel and share it as often as I can.

Alex's story is compelling and his connection and message of thanks to superintendents was strong. His story about sunflowers resonates with me: Sunflowers turn to the sun all day for strength and power; but when the darkness comes, they turn to each other. NCE is a way that we, as superintendents, can turn to each other to gather the support and strength we need to do the difficult work that needs to be done. Thank you, Alex, for sharing your brand of support and positivity with us all.

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