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Membership Dues Increase Will Support AASA’s State-Level Training

The AASA Governing Board unanimously approved a modest dues increase for the coming year to help the association support its state affiliates as they build programs for aspiring superintendents and superintendent certification.

The measure, which takes effect July 1, will raise dues by $10 to $470 a year for those in the active membership category. Dues increases in other categories will range from $5 (for members in small, rural districts) to $2 a year (for aspiring leaders and retired members).

Executive Director Daniel Domenech told the Governing Board, which met in San Diego on Wednesday, the increased revenue, roughly $70,000, will allow AASA to help state affiliates as they create state-level programs modelled after AASA’s national programs for certification and aspiring superintendents.

“We want to work cooperatively to help them grow their own programs,” Domenech said, noting about 12 state associations serving superintendents had approached AASA about creating state-level programs using the training curriculum developed by AASA. Certification programs in Pennsylvania and Arizona already are underway.

At its February meeting each year, AASA’s Governing Board determines dues for the various membership categories based upon the Consumer Price Index of the previous year with the increase rounded to the nearest dollar. In November, the CPI for the last 12 months was 2.1 percent.

The following membership dues increases will take effect in July:

  • Active, $460 to $470
  • Active (small district), $230 to $235
  • District/Cabinet, $204 to $208
  • College Professor, $204 to $208
  • Associate, $204 to $208
  • Aspiring Leader, $77 to $79
  • Retired Member, $77 to &79
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