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“Millenials love peer to peer learning, a key to personalized learning” ~ Ravi

Ravi, a rock star, aviator, entrepreneur, and cultural diplomat effectively changed the common Baby Boomer's view of Millenials. Through an entertaining and data informed presentation on the passions of Millennials, I, for one, left the auditorium with new hope for our future through our kids. I also left feeling excited once again to reach for the passions of our youth.

“Millennials want to be entrepreneurs but are educated out of creativity and failure.” I hear a challenge in these words. As we scramble to develop personalized pathways, are we listening to student voice?

In my district, I have pushed the concept of “failing forward” with my admin team. We shared this goal with our teachers and want to see it take place in classrooms. Failing forward is risk taking, risk taking personalizes learning and develops our passions.

As Ravi points out: we are in a very unique time where we can outgrow Baby Boomer issues- let's let our kids do this!

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