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New Learning on the High Seas

I took a chance today. When I come to NCE, I always seek opportunities for new learning. After all, is that not why we are here?

But up until now, I have done so totally on solid ground. This year, upon receiving an invitation by the Superintendents' Environmental Education Collaborative, I climbed aboard a boat (despite 6-10 foot swells and rain) to learn about marine life and environmental sustainability. What an incredible opportunity!

We saw sea lions and dolphins (no whales today, unfortunately). We talked with colleagues from all over the country and compared notes on how they are addressing environmental education. I learned about a walking path in Kentucky, green roof in Massachusetts and community service field trips sponsored by local banks, just as an example. I looked at an unknown marine species under a microscope, and touched a jelly fish and watched it swim away from me. I saw trash in the water blown in from streets miles from the ocean, yet ending up there anyway.

Following the on-the-sea field trip is an info session offered tomorrow, Friday, for anyone who is interested, with materials and resources to be shared. Take a risk! Save a world. It can all be the same thing!

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