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Preparing for a Trip to “Music City”

We stand at an interesting point in time for public education. Never before has scrutiny been so high, nor the opportunity so great, for leaders to impact one of the bedrock foundations in American culture and life. Appropriately titled: “Education in the Digital Age,” the National AASA Conference in Nashville will offer school leaders the opportunity to closely examine what education could and should be for the students in their respective districts.

In the weeks leading up to the conference, I am determined to spend a considerable amount of time out of the central office and in our schools. By doubling down on the time spent with building leaders, staff, and students, I look to arrive at the AASA Conference with a deeper understanding of my school district. I want to have these relevant observations and conversations closely accessible so I can carry them with me, if you will, as I look ahead to learning more. Knowing our children, staff, schools, and the communities in which they exist will clarify strengths and areas for improvement. It’s with this cache of knowledge, singular, aggregate, and custom to my school district, that I will choose sessions that will address the most relevant content to carry back with me.

In the end, taking information back to my district from educational thought-leaders from across the United States, offers the ability to positively effect change and advance the education we offer.

I’m looking forward to the conference, to meeting colleagues and friends, and to growing my knowledge base for the betterment of those I serve.

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