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Seen & Heard Around the Conference

A few brief tidbits captured by reporters for AASA’s Conference Daily Online during the 2020 national conference in San Diego.

New Celebrity Status

Lesley Bruinton has taken some good-natured ribbing about becoming a celebrity at the AASA national conference after she was honored on the 2nd General Session stage as a winner of the Women in School Leadership Award.

By wearing one of the more colorful outfits in her wardrobe on stage during the award ceremony, she became clearly identifiable the remainder of the day as she walked the corridors of the convention center, accepting greetings and kudos from dozens of her new fans.

Bruinton, who is the incoming president of the National School Public Relations Association and the head of communications in the Tuscaloosa, Ala., district, also contributed her talents to reporting for AASA’s Conference Daily Online.

Our Fitness Fanatic

A dozen AASA members joined AASA public policy director, Noelle Ellerson Ng, when she got conference attendees off a jump start early Friday with a cross-training workout outside the convention center.

Noelle has been the unofficial fitness guru for the association, having arranged an earlier morning workout on Wednesday, before the official start of the 2020 national conference in San Diego.

Shoeless in San Diego

Some poor conference attendee may leaving San Diego in just his bare socks.

That’s because some male participant at this year’s conference left behind a fairly new pair of size 9 ½ Clarks dress shoes. They were found beneath a table at the opening reception in the San Diego Convention Center on Thursday evening.

As of midday Saturday, the lost and found center still had them awaiting an owner.

(Compiled by Jay P. Goldman, editor of AASA’s Conference Daily Online.)

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