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STEM for ALL spotlight with AASA and JASON Learning at NCE 2023!

STEM culture.

What is it? 

Why is everyone talking about it?

STEM is the fuel powering the conversation in public education about how we can prepare the next generation of leaders for high-demand careers, innovation, and problem solving ! (This is the stuff that should rev your educational engine!)

If you are sitting on the brakes, idling … let me introduce you to AASA opportunities and JASON Learning.

AASA and partner JASON Learning, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of STEM culture nationwide, have worked together for years. The conference this year provides opportunities to learn more about the AASA Consortium, and to make valuable connections to drive your goals at the local district level. That is something near and dear to me in Ohio, where the Ohio STEM Learning Network’s vision is that every Ohio community has access to a quality STEM education to drive Ohio’s economic future.

Kelly Gaier Evans, director of the Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN), points to three key strategies: (1) Advancing STEM for all; (2) supporting tailored community needs; (3) strengthening model STEM schools. 

The network of STEM leaders continues to grow. 

Check out the line up of conference sessions and learn from JASON CEO Eleanor Smalley, or the Transformational Leadership Cohort’s leaders Nick Polyak and Mike Lubelfeld who are two of Illinois’ finest superintendents. 

According to Superintendent Polyak, “We all have a responsibility to help develop the next generation of leaders. If you aren't getting someone ready to take over for you, you're doing this wrong.” 

Thinking about the big picture is so important to influence your team, and the administrators you develop within your district. Messaging the importance of developing leaders is something you’ll model to your entire school community. 

Mike Lubelfeld knows a thing or two about that. 

“Recently, we were asked what we love about being a superintendent at a regional superintendent meeting,” Lubelfeld shared. “My response was Developing Leaders – helping them to see around corners they cannot yet see around.”

A focus on holistic, K-12 programming and a new, student-focused STEM Leadership Tile actually provides a roadmap for district leaders to get started! Start your STEM engines!

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