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[Podcast] Hiring and Sustaining Teachers of Color feat. Tiffany Brunson

[Podcast] Hiring and Sustaining Teachers of Color feat. Tiffany Brunson

Tiffany Brunson, superintendent of Elementary School District 159 in Illinois, reflects on a time when she was the only person of color on a school staff. She talks about addressing issues that often make people uncomfortable.  Brunson asks school leaders to think about minority students and their experiences in school. It’s the primary reason that students […]

[Video] Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (2:56)

A workshop dedicated to learning about how school districts are integrating diversity, equity and Inclusion (DEI) hosted by Lee Teitel. This story was produced by AB Ross at the 2024 National Conference on Education in San Diego, Calif.

[Video] Interview: Ryan, Mejia and Andreski on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (9:45)

District leaders led interactive conversations surrounding how to implement diversity, equity and inclusion. Watch this in-depth interview with Andres Mejia, Christopher Andriski and David Ryan on implementing DEI in predominantly white school communities. This story was produced by Angelina D’Elia at the 2023 AASA Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Read more.

Superintendents Jointly Advance Work of Diversity, Inclusion in Schools

The AASA conference session “BIPOC and White District Leaders Work on Race and Equity Together” addressed diversity, belonging, inclusion and equity as steps to creating an equitable culture in the workplace and schools. The Thursday morning panel was facilitated by Lee Teitel, founding director at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Darnisa Amante-Jackson, founder/president […]

[Video] Paul Freeman on the Challenges of White Superintendents Confronting Racism in School Communities (3:40)

Paul Freeman, superintendent of Connecticut’s Guilford Public Schools, shares best practices on how white superintendents can learn together about the critical issues of race, racism and equity. Freeman led the session “Personal, Professional and Practical Challenges for White Superintendents Confronting Racism” at AASA’s National Conference on Education in Nashville, Tenn. (Video produced by Selah Oden)