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Social Media Lounge Serves as Central Networking Hub in Exhibit Hall

Now in its sixth year, the Social Media Lounge offers activities and learning sessions for conference-goers who are interested in expanding their social media literacy and expanding their social networking for professional growth. Located in the middle of the exhibit hall, AASA’s Social Media Lounge offers a fun, relaxing spot to experience hands-on training, share […]

Life is a Beach

As my wife Susie and I drove Pacific Coast Highway 1 today, I couldn’t help but feel rejuvenated, inspired and more motivated than ever to be me. It wasn’t because of the sunshine and the ocean breeze, though I freely admit that always helps.

You are the Storyteller-in-Chief

“Your brand is your image, the promise you make, and the results you envision for your organization.” Never have Trish Rubin’s words resonated more with me. Today at AASA, I encountered content and design thinking  compliments of some very different types of AASA “movers and shakers.”

A Call to Action: Environmental Sustainability

I followed up on yesterday’s boat trip by attending the session hosted by the Superintendents Environmental Education Collaborative today and learned about how two other school systems bring environmental sustainability into their school district.

Leaders Know Relationships Transform Learning Over Time

Glenn is known as a fashionista around AASA. More important than socks or shoe styles are his words of wisdom to colleagues during the first ever social media session this morning. Glenn is connected. He gets it. He knows his role, and he is an unabashed, positive force on social media to champion his district.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Relationships are important in our professional and personal lives. Attending a conference together gives colleagues the opportunity to share professional development, but also to relax together. Last night, 10 colleagues from Maryland enjoyed dinner together. We laughed with and learned more about each other.

Connecting at AASA Makes Us #FASTER

Recently I had to practice a speech that set a five-minute parameter. I had to time the words to mesh with 15 slides, each advancing every 20 seconds. This #Ignite format was both exhilarating and daunting. I became a student in the midst of a performance-based assessment activity all over again. I struggled and failed at first. And then something special happened … I got FASTER. Thanks to my friend and colleague Marlon Styles of Middletown City Schools, I used my PLN on Twitter to ask questions and seek reinforcement.