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Hard-Won Lessons From a Tragic Day at Sandy Hook: Michele Gay’s Emotion-Laden Keynote at General Session 2

Fighting Fake News Takes on New Importance for School Districts

In an age where social media has amplified every voice, fake news is a newfound phenomenon that often drowns out the facts and can bring chaos to a community. The AASA conference session on Saturday morning titled “Making Your District Message Real in the Fake News Age” offered superintendents guidance on building credibility in the […]

Conscious Efforts Needed to Support LGBT Students, GLSEN Director Says

New Jersey passed legislation this month mandating boards of education ensure their curriculum and instructional material include an accurate portrayal of the social, economic and political contributions made by LGBT people and individuals with disabilities. The bill was proposed by GLSEN, a national LGBT advocacy organization that works with students and educators at the local, state […]