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[Podcast] Reflecting on NCE 2024: Here for the Kids

[Podcast] Reclaiming the Narrative feat. Luvelle Brown

Brown is also the author of Culture of Love: Cultivating a Transformative and Positive Organizational Culture. Don’t miss what he says about the different ways in which we must communicate.  Brown puts the pressure on school leaders to help reframe the thinking about schools. He challenges leaders to rethink dominant culture and the norms that […]

[Video] Successfully Navigating the Controversy of Book Challenges (2:15)

With the now commonplace controversies over school library books looming in everyone’s minds, this panel discussed ways to best avoid turmoil, while respecting adults’ right to parent their children. This story was produced by Silas Bryant at the 2024 AASA National Conference on Education in San Diego, Calif.

[Video] Preparing for the Future of Education (3:09)

Uncovering the benefits and hurdles that go hand-in-hand with artificial intelligence usage in schools. This session follows Quentin Lee as he conducts thoughtful conversations regarding AI use in public schools and how to empower students and staff within the classroom. This story was produced by Emercyn Randolph at the 2024 AASA National Conference on Education […]

[Video] Eliminating Segregation for Special Education Students (1:35)

Are there special education sections at a grocery market? No student should be segregated from their school. This session goes into the topic of eliminating separation of special education students at schools. This story was produced by AB Ross at the 2024 National Conference on Education in San Diego, Calif.

[Video] Better Outcomes Better Decisions (2:39)

Detailing the plan to improve academic outcomes throughout school systems, Scott Muri engages with session participants, sparking conversation for educational action. This story was produced by Bennett Songer at the 2024 AASA National Conference on Education in San Diego, Calif.

[Video] Attention AASA Sisters: Building a Network of Sisters! (3:27)

Participants engaged in discussions about the boundaries women must push through in the educational field. They also touched on building a community of support for current and aspiring superintendents. This story was produced by Lyla Kelley at the 2024 AASA National Conference on Education in San Diego, Calif.

[Podcast] Make Each Second Count feat. Thomas Murray

Podcast host T.J. Vari asks Thomas Murray, Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools®, a project of All4Ed, in Washington, D.C., about what to do with 30 seconds. Every 30 seconds matter but what do we do with it when we’re connecting with others? Murray gives tips about seeing people as a person first rather […]

[Podcast] Hiring and Sustaining Teachers of Color feat. Tiffany Brunson

Tiffany Brunson, superintendent of Elementary School District 159 in Illinois, reflects on a time when she was the only person of color on a school staff. She talks about addressing issues that often make people uncomfortable.  Brunson asks school leaders to think about minority students and their experiences in school. It’s the primary reason that students […]