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The “Anticipatory Set”

In my early years as a teacher, I was encouraged to use “anticipatory set” to motivate and prepare my students for the lesson I was about to teach. Right now, I feel like I am in the “anticipatory set” for next week’s AASA National Conference on Education. The opportunity to interact with colleagues from across the globe, to hear inspirational speakers, and to indulge in professional learning cannot be beat!

Previous conferences have introduced me to leaders like Jack Jennings, whose experience on Capitol Hill for many decades taught me to focus on the critical importance of advocacy and education policy, and to author Todd Rose, whose book The End of Average inspired conversations across my district about instructional practices that are changing. I also had the opportunity to attend sessions presented by peers who were using competency-based education or standards-based grading; this laid the foundation for our district’s vision to transform high school practice!

I can’t wait to get to Los Angeles for #NCE19 and more inspiration!

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