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There is work to be done

My few days in Nashville reinforced within me my desire to serve my community school district. I listened, I learned, I reflected on my work, where our district is and on how our district can continue to maximize our opportunities.

As I contemplate returning home, I look forward to engaging in these activities:

  • Continue to build engaging, effective classrooms
  • Thank teachers for what they do each day
  • Thank bus drivers for their amazing commitment to our students
  • Thank school administrators for their daily efforts
  • Thank our food service staff for doing so much with limited budgets
  • Thank our coaches for mentoring our students
  • Listen to our students
  • Find ways to encourage the development of our students’ social-emotional skills
  • Support our students passions and interests
  • Ensure our students have the opportunity to move forward when ready
  • Look at each student as unique and full of potential
  • Make sure students graduate ready for their next step
  • Honor public schools every single day

I also recognize that my work as a superintendent requires me to be mindful of this as well:

  • Keep students safe
  • Keep students safe
  • Keep students safe
  • Keep students safe
  • Keep staff safe
  • Keep staff safe
  • Keep staff safe
  • Keep staff safe

Time away is helpful. But it’s time to return home. There is great work to be done.

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