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Mawi Asgedom's keynote was the perfect way to close the AASA's National Conference on the Personalization of Education. A Ethiopian refugee, Mr. Asgedom's family instilled in him the value of and American Public Education. Through our public education system, Mawi, like so many others, rose from the confines of a refugee camp to attend Harvard University. Having by all accounts realized the American Dream, he shares that schools had a tremendous impact on his life and success.

A few simple concepts underpin Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Mawi shared three simple strategies any of us can use to help put and keep our youth on the pathway to success.

  1. Always see the invisible students, invite them to connect and engage with them.
  2. Develop student's agency. Understanding that there are things in our control and things out of control. We help them gain agency when we help them set goals for areas within their control. Practice using the “turbo” button for those things in our control, and extinguish use of the “victim” button, by not focusing on things our of our control.
  3. Focus on growth. Helping students understand that learning is about always expanding our circle of success. Increasing the “Can Do” and reducing the “Not Yet”.

These few simple concepts underpinning SEL are just as important for applying with the adults who work in our schools, and the parents who we serve. SEL doesn't have to be hard. It is about caring for and connecting with those we serve. Follow Mawi on Twitter @MawiAsgedom or @mawilearning

Thank you AASA and NCE for creating a cohesive message that reinforces the important work we are leading in our districts. Thank you participants and presenters for inspiring us and equipping us with tools and strategies to continue building caring connections so that all children succeed, no exceptions! #NCE2020 #UnionEmpowers #UnionInspires

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