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What NOT To Do…..

I enjoyed the superintendent panel presentation at the Social Media Lounge today (Feb 16). The tips on what NOT to do on social media, along with ways to use social media to tell your story were excellent. Shared by a group of 6 or 7 superintendents or their staff, simple tips were practical and real.

They included: check your spelling before hitting send, and don't tweet when full of emotion. Instead, set a time when you are OFF social media, say 20 minutes, to re-read it. Social media can be a way to tell the story of the district rather than have it told for you. Don't be afraid of it, use it, but be aware of your audience when you do so. One superintendent told of creating space for student voice with his social media. He gave an example of students wanting to protest the murder of George Floyd. Using the district social media, the district created announcements for the protest, ensured all were informed, and supported the student actions in a safe format.

Thank you to the superintendents who participated and shared their stories. And thanks to AASA for the Social Media lounge! With cushy chairs, phone chargers, popcorn bags and colleagues, it is a great place to drop by and visit for a while in the Marketplace!

Superintendent panel on What Not To Do on social media
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