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AASA Governance

AASA’s Vitality in Programs and Fiscal State at Center of AASA Director’s Year in Review

Calling it “an active and productive year,” AASA Executive Director Dan Domenech recounted the national organization’s vitality both programmatically and fiscally, sharing plenty of evidence during his half-hour presentation at [...]

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In Presidential Address, Pletnick calls for personalized instruction as answer to school choice proponents

While labeling the obsession toward school choice a misguided pursuit, AASA President Gail Pletnick called on her colleagues Thursday to move with urgency “to redefine, redesign and re-imagine education” by [...]

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AASA Body Revises Mission Statement to Highlight Student Equity

AASA’s Governing Board on Wednesday reworded the mission statement of the 153-year-old professional association to capture the importance of equity in public education. The association’s revised mission now reads as [...]

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